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Thread: KC Star : Hali a player opponents notice

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    Default KC Star : Hali a player opponents notice

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    T hey know the stranger by number and not always by name, but they have learned to remember the new outside linebacker for the Chiefs. Weeks pass. Opposing players who study the Chiefs always leave with the same impression.


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    I like the progress Hali has made!!! He's coverage skills aren't quite there, but improving. When he learns to take an inside rush or a bull rush every now and then his sack totals will sky rocket.
    IMO Andy Studebaker could find more playing time next year. He didn't look too bad during the preseason.

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    I too am really thrilled with his transition to OLB. I think he still has some work to do, but the fact is, he seems willing to do that work to get better, which is great for KC and for him.

    Funny though, how many were cutting his throat in the off season. Still a great player- can't wait to see how he develops.

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