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What! I am outraged, no post slamming him this week? Figures we win and and no fingers get pointed at LJ =)
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Some of these guys are so quick to jump up and point the finger at someone else to blame the Chiefs if they lose and get really down and frustrated about it. So how the hell do you think the players are acting?

For some "die hard fans", a lot of you sure as hell don't act like it. You spend more time talking crap about the Chiefs than "supporting" them.
Thank god we have you guys here to set us all straight. 83 yards...all our problems are solved. LJ tried earning his paycheck yesterday. Woo Hoo!! Some of us point out that LJ is part of the problem with this team and we have you two jumping down everyones throat. How come you dont defend anyone else this much? Someone said Haley and Pioli suck....where were you to defend them? How about our defense...you are OK with people talking about them. Get over yourselves, LJ gets paid to take criticism when he is not performing. Its the world of professional sports. But its good that you guys are here to say "I told ya so" like a couple of 8 year olds. 83 yards. whopee