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Oh took you long enough to get here...... And for the record, I do defend Pioli, Haley, and some of the issues on defense.

And whats funny is you call yourself a Chiefs fan but I can't remember reading a single post from you that has said something positive about the Chiefs. You sure you're not a Raiders fan?
I can recall several post by Canada that are positive.

Its funny how you talk about people calling themselves Chiefs fans and yet you don't have a favorite player tagged nor a sig, nor you never post your own threads.

Nothing more annoying than people going on to a forum and then act like they are sh!t and talking big for small internet person they are. You don't impress or scare anyone, people like you are the scum of the internet. They, like you attach like a leech to a argument and keep it alive, when in reality it just makes you look like a fool. And yet you continue to embarrass yourself, probably cause you have no friends or nothing better to do than to waste your time eating and sleeping in-front of the computer.
It's people like you who give Americans a bad rep.