I am more than excited for this years draft for the Chiefs. I know we need OL help but luckily for us this years draft has a lot of prospected OL to go in the 2nd-3rd round. It would be hard for me to see an OL drafted in the first round and pass up Berry and Mays.

Berry and Mays are two once in a decade type safeties with comparisons to Reed, Polamalu, Dawkins...and you see what they did for their defenses. I think either one of them (prefer Berry) would give us that playmaker on defense to build around for the next 10 years. Especially while we get the personnel to fill our 3-4.

I'm also loving Jerry Hughes to give us that 3-4 linebacker. He plays a lot like James Harrison, compact build with an insane bull rush. There are probably 4 more 3-4 outside linebackers that could really put of defense over the top. (IF we have one of those elite safeties of course)

AND this years Wide Receiving group is one of the deepest we will ever see. We should without a doubt be able to grab one of them in the draft that will give us a solid #2 to compliment Bowe and keep Wade as our slot along with Bradley. Golden Tate is who I would like to see in red.

OL...we have to use one of our 2nd round picks on one. No question. And it's really nice that we have 2 second rounders.

What do you guys think, I really believe we need that playmaker on defense and I hesitate to take another Dlineman even though there are some monster DT's that could anchor our 3-4.