OK its not very often that I dont watch a chiefs game from start to finsh. BUT THIS. THIS IS hard. There is nothing postive that can come from the game. ALL NEGITIVE. THe D was terrible the O was terrible. I am probley one of the easiest on Todd Hailey but this one is on him. The chiefs were not ready to play and I will always put that on the Head coach no matter if it is his first year. Todd Hailey did not do his job to get this team ready to play today end of story.

The offense. at the time of the ranting Cassel has 3 picks. One of them was not his fault. But the other 2 one being a bad overthrow. He didnt do his job. The Oline once again was terrible not giveing him anytime that is true but Cassle also was a part of the problem. The Chiefs once again could not run the ball. LJ gave effort I thought but he can not run behind that line. Charles had a good run and i no that alot of people will be on the start charles banwagon but I think its best that they dont at this time. I think that they should start LJ the rest of the season. Maybe move him this offseason get an OLINE that is filled with NFL players not this and then start him. Its better then have Charles end up on the injury list. And you never no how a guy is going to comeback from injury. This game just reminds everyone that the chiefs are going nowere soon.

The D showed a bright sign early only to fade away starting with the 2nd drive of the game. The Chargers got the run game going that was my biggest fear going into the game. That also opened up the passing game and the chiefs D did not play there best at all. They had some good stands but overall it was not a effort that you could say gave the chiefs a shot to win the game.

The Chiefs will have alot to think about on there bye week. They did not show up for a home divison game today. That is never good. They have a week to look at the tape and see what went wrong and there will be pleanty to see. Todd Hailey will have a week to think about why he was not able to get his team ready to play. This gives the Chiefs pleanty to think about on there bye week. And it gives them pleantly to be Upset with themselfs at when they play the jags. But this game was one that I am going to do my best to forget about. THE CHIEFS WERE TERRIBLE TODAY. Thats the end of the story.

HELLO BYE WEEK Bring on the jags and GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!