The Chiefs team suffered many negatives over the last few years, some were a result of poor, hasty, & personal ego decisions by GM Peterson, others were made by Coaching staff, and so on. Many mistakes were made, and when the mistakes were realized, little to nothing was done to correct the mistakes...likey a result of egos.

Pioli and Haley were left with very little, if anything really...of which to build a winning team during one short off & pre-season. The best they could do is start from the ground up...and they are trying to do just that, regardless of how it may appear right now. Only time and steafastness will build a Chiefs Super Bowl Team...and patience is a necessity for such.

One of the Chiefs problems in past seasons IMO...has been impatience. Peterson & Coaches traded many young players just as they were beginning to shine, or develop into playmakers...IE: Jared Allen. They made roster changes while desperate for wins short term to please just as impatient fans I suppose...and made changes for personal reasons too. IE: Peterson and Jared Allen didn't get all.

When a team changes players and coaches as often as the Chiefs have the last few's doubtful the result will be a winning team for more than a season...if lucky at best. achieve a winning team, a Super Bowl team...a team needs to be built to stay in tact for as many seasons as possible, so teammates can learn to work together and know each others moves inside and out without having to give it much thought.

The Front Offices & Coaches need to focus long term, build a team that with time and patience will evolve in to a winning team...through working and staying together consistently for more than one or two seasons. If one reflects upon the winning teams in Chiefs History...the Super Bowl IV era team, and the Schottenheimer era team...both team rosters for the most part remained consistent long term.

That's my thinking out loud and say so...and I'm sticking to it, hahaha.