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    Quote Originally Posted by KEEPSNAPPIN View Post
    Right now, I don't think Matt Cassel is living up to the hype that everybody was giving him. I know KC doesn't have the best offensive line in th league, but he is making some pretty poor throws when he has receivers wide open. It's a big difference when you come from New England where you have a really good offensive line. It can make you look like your a good quarterback even if your not. I know he stepped up last year and won alot of games for his team and you have to give him credit for that. I am trying to understand how you can go and give somebody 66 million dollars when they have only played 1 year? I think Kanasas City could have went out and signed a vet quarterback for a year and spent that type of money somewhere else and tried to draft a quarterback this year if needed. I'm just trying to understand what is going through the heads of the people at the front office. Not to mention, Todd Hailey is a horrible play caller. The guy calls running plays when we're down 30. Just my thoughts, what does everybody else think?????
    Let me ask you this KEEPSNAPPIN, do you think Trent Green was a serviceable QB? Well if you compare the numbers between Green and Cassel through 7 games, in their first year with the Chiefs, I think you will find it very interesting. Lets take a look, shall we?

    Trent Green: Age 31 ___Matt Cassel: Age: 27
    TD: 8 _______________TD: 8
    INT: 12 _____________INT: 5
    Completion %54.55 ___Completion% 54.8
    QB Rating: 70.47 _____QB Rating: 73.2

    Now keep in mind that this is through 7 games for Green and only 6 for Cassel because of the injury the first week. Also keep in mind probably the biggest factor of all, Green did this behind arguably 1 of the best O-lines ever assembled, while Cassel is stuck behind 1 of the leagues worst O-lines. All stats were taken from and have not been altered in any way. I myself think Cassel will be just fine for many years to come once we get him some protection up front. Go Chiefs!!!!!!
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