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Focus on the long term? Isn't that what Herm and his boys did 4 years ago? They went out and signed a ton of young players to "rebuild" the organization. Then Pioli and Hailey come in and get rid of most of those players, and sign a bunch of veterans, most of which are from the Patriots. Also, how many of the players that they got rid, are making significant contributions to other teams, but they weren't good enough for Hailey and the gang. I have a hard time respecting a coach that has NEVER played the game he's coaching. I know that many of the best coaches were not good players, but at least they were Players. I think the Hunt family saw an opportunity for something new, and instead of hiring someone that was more fitting for the position, they hired who was hot for the last 5 games of the year. Pioli also needs to remember he's not with the patriots anymore, and start dealing for other teams. Maybe The Tuna has him on a short leash, and thats why he still wheels and deals with the dolphins and the Pats, but it's starting to get pretty old. It's hard to be a chiefs fan when there are a bunch of idiots running the organization. Maybe the chiefs can pull off a victory at practice this weekend.

Important matters first and foremost with my reply, hahaha. As far as your saying it's hard to be a Chiefs fan...well, regardless of whether or not idiots are at the helm...it's not hard for me to be a Chiefs fan. I'll always be a Chiefs fan...they are in my blood, literally. I'm loyal to the core...win or lose.

I'm like the Captain of the Titanic...I'll always stay aboard and sink with my ship, regardless of why the ship sinks.

Nope, not what Herm and his boys did at all, hahaha. Their claim to rebuild was more of an excuse in advance of their mistakes. Hell, Carl Peterson used "we're rebuilding" as an excuse repeatedly with each losing season throughout his tenure as GM. The excuse worked for many seasons, but the man cried wolf too many times, and no one believed him anymore...as a result, he was fired.

The Chiefs organization is a completely different one now claiming to be rebuilding. Clark has taken over with the loss of Lamar (RIP), new GM, new coaches, new players as a result of the long term plan of the new GM & Coaches.

Keep in mind, that most Head Coaches were once Assistant Coaches, they all had first years, and most faced rebuilding losing teams, and most took a couple years or so to be victorious in their efforts. It's way to early to declare Pioli and Haley as failures IMO. I may sing a different tune in a couple years, but feel considering the damage Peterson & Edwards left our Chiefs in...Pioli and Haley deserve more than half a season prior to being judged.

As far as your saying it's hard to be a Chiefs fan