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Thread: Week 8 Game of the week Giants @ Philly

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    Default Week 8 Game of the week Giants @ Philly

    This game marks the beginning of a much tougher schedule for both teams. The Story

    Read the story and voice your opinion...
    Can either of these teams challange the Saints this year?

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    I don't believe either can challenge the Saints. The Saints have already routed them both. Maybe the Vikings, Packers, Cardinals can. But I think the Saints and Colts are the likely Super Bowl teams.

    Giants Ickles should be a good game. The line is now even. I hate both but hate Philly more so I hope the Giants win it. Too much Philly sports craze going on right now with the Phillies anyway.

    The Vikings at Green Bay is also a game of the week. And how about the Dolts favored by 17 over the Faders? I think that's the biggest spread this year so far.

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