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Thread: KC Star : The Star's 50 year All-Time Chiefs team

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    Default KC Star : The Star's 50 year All-Time Chiefs team

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    L en Dawson ambled into the press club at Arrowhead Stadium expecting to enjoy a little breakfast before broadcasting the Chiefs-San Diego game last Sunday. Instead, he was approached by a couple of reporters who sought his opinion. As part of the Chiefs celebrating their 50th season, The Star selected its All-Time Chiefs team, and who better to ask for comments on the picks than Dawson?


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    Wow this is really really cool! :)

    I had done that Chiefs dream team thread after someone did a thread about best Chiefs players where people were giving their one or two top all time choices (like Tony Gonzalez and Derrick Thomas). So it's so neat that they asked my favorite Chief Len Dawson his picks.

    And he agreed with 21 of the 27. (Some, as the article said, are no brainers, of course. Like everyone would agree on the best tight end and linebacker).

    My selections in that thread were:

    QB Len Dawson
    RB Priest Holmes
    RB Christian Okoye
    WR Otis Taylor
    WR Stephone Paige
    TE Tony Gonzales
    LT Willie Roaf
    LG Ed Budde
    C Jack Rudnay
    RG Will Shields
    RT Dave Hill

    DE Neil Smith
    DT Curley Culp
    DT Buck Buchanan
    DE Jared Allen
    LB Derrick Thomas
    LB Willie Lanier
    LB Bobby Bell
    CB Emmitt Thomas
    CB Albert Lewis
    S Deron Cherry
    S Johnny Robinson

    K Nick Lowery
    P Dustin Colquitt
    KR/PR Dante Hall
    HC Hank Stram

    Lenny went with Chris Burford as the second wr, as someone else had chosen for their pick there too. And went with Jim Tyrer as one of the tackles. Jerry Mays and Art Still on the Dline instead of my Curley Culp and Jared Allen. And Jan Stenerud (as someone else here had also picked) as kicker. I like him and Lowery both a lot. And then as I had mentioned Jerrel Wilson was also a fantastic punter for us and Lenny went with him over our current Dustin Colquitt. Wilson had more years (like 16 I think) in so that makes sense.

    I like how the article says Wilson was nicknamed "Thunderfoot". Great name for a punter! And how Lenny said he would kick the ball so hard that it owuld explode.

    It was also nice when Lenny commented on himself on the quaterback position, he just said how he had a great team to play for and a great line protecting him and that a qb is only as good as the protection he gets. Lenny's the man! Glad he's stayed with the Chiefs organization all this time through broadcasting and is familiar with all the players beyond his playing career.

    I think Lenny does as good a job in radio as he did as quarterback. :)

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