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It was my understanding, from a source who at the time had inside info...that Carl Peterson and Jared Allen disliked each other very much due to personality conflicts.

Peterson promised Jared that if he lived up to his expectations, he would give him a long term contract. Jared worked hard, and he did live up to his expectations and then some. Peterson then began backtracking on his promise of a long term contract using the DUI as a reason.

Jared stated publicly that he didn't want to leave KC...he believed he would spend his career as a Chief, bought land & built a nice home in KC intending to stay.

I was upset then, and still am today at Peterson for letting Jared go...with Peterson's power trip ego, he wasn't about to give Jared what he wanted...he didn't like him, didn't want him to stay.

It was the trade of Allen that was the last straw for me as far as having any support or respect for CP remaining GM of the Chiefs.
kinda reminds of of CP and John Tait, how they disliked each other