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Thread: my LJ prediction

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    Default my LJ prediction

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    in 5 years, he will be broke and behind bars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drunker Hillbilly View Post
    Guy on ESPN said not to be surprised if he ends up on the Steelers
    I said the same thing this morning to my cousin, but after Mendenhall just 'manned up' tonight I don't think they want or need LJ.

    If Westbrook doesn't get healthy Philly might end up interested, but I think a lot more teams will be interested once he clears waivers as he'll be a free agent and they won't have to pay his current contract.
    The 49ers own my heart, but the Chiefs will always hold a better than neutral spot for giving my favorite player a place to leave with grace...

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    Maybe San Francisco will take him! It's not like it's a "gay" town or anything.
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