My father-in-law has 3 (and probably a 4th also - I'll know in a day or so) tickets to the Chiefs / Rams game in STL. I have a previous engagement and cannot use them. The tickets are all together (even the 4th), but there are 3 tickets in hand, waiting to make sure the 4th makes it physically prior to the game. These are 4 season ticket holders who went in together and none have any interest in pre-season.

The seats are good, section 110, about the 20 yard line, 20 rows or so back (don't remember exactly, but it's the general area).

It is pre-season and he would like to get a little $ back, but the main thing is they do not go to waste.

He is asking $30 a piece for them, but is taking best offer. If you do not want to pay, but would use them for free, let me know also, because he will happily give them away if they will be used rather than sat on them and still get no $ back.

If someone will pay $30 a piece, they are yours. Other than that, highest bid. No bids, first come first serve to free tickets. (Will probably give them away on Tuesday.)

My wife is putting a note up on the bulletin board at her work, but living in STL, it will probably be a blue t-shirt to claim them. I would prefer the seats be filled with red. :-)

Please send me a private msg if you are interested. I apologize if this is the wrong forum or if this offends anyone. I could have posted something at work and skipped the site, but would really want any Chiefs fans who are interested to enjoy them.

(Again - even if you don't want to pay, let me know. Main thing is they get used.)