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Thread: I have not been impressed with Cassel

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    Default I have not been impressed with Cassel

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    I don't think he sucks, and I know we our offense is still in the gelling process, but I honest don't think he is elite or ever will be elite. I don't think he has great accuracy, I don't think he has a great arm, and I don't think he has great vision either. I would say he will be a good quaterback, but never be great. Heres the thing we don't need great, we need good we need a guy that doesn't throw a lot of of interceptions, which he doesn't, but we also need accuracy and right now he doesn't have it, right now he is not a good QB. Trent Green was a good QB behind phenomenal line he had great accuracy and an average arm. Cassel doesn't have the luxury of a good line, and has bad accuracy he overthrows balls or underthrows so when a receiver catches the ball he has to slow down to catch it because of his slow release. I don't think he is worth what we are paying him, because I think he is a 3rd pick at best and we are paying him like a 1st rounder which he isn't. I think we need to work on our O-line and possible pick up a QB with that second round pick we got for Tony, im not saying we should get rid of Cassel but he does need competition which Brody is not going to give him not because Brodie isn't good but Brodie gets hurt too easy so he will pretty much always be a career back up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chief31 View Post

    People think you are an a-hole because of the gloating that you do over the problems our QB is having.

    You really give the impression that you are thrilled with our QB's poor play.

    But then. you have already been informed of this, and you chose to change everyone else's terms on your own.

    While some people do get defensive over even the slightest mention of anything negative, you got most of your flack for enjoying the failures of this (2-0) team.

    I have seen alot of heated discussions on this board. Usually it is just a couple members dragging things out. But this week has been a massive collection of bickering.

    Basically, those who are reacting to your behavior are on an increased defensive toward anyone with a negative thought, as if they support your gloating, not just the opinion.

    And that has caused alot more bickering than we, as a (2-0) team that few expected to break .500 this season, should be seeing right now.

    Do you really want Matt Cassel to succeed? Or would you rather see him fail?

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