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Thread: Yahoo News : Disruptive behavior a winning formula for Johnson (Yahoo! Sports)

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    Default Yahoo News : Disruptive behavior a winning formula for Johnson (Yahoo! Sports)

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    RB Larry Johnson forced his way out of Kansas City and into a great situation with the Bengals.


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    This paragraph bringing up TO:

    "Better to be done with him than risk the splintering atmosphere that would have followed him the rest of the season, a la Terrell Owens fallout with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2005. Maybe it’s no coincidence Owens went to his Twitter page Tuesday, congratulating Johnson on getting out of Kansas City and away from Haley. Vultures of a feather flock together … or something along those lines."

    Haha yeah leave it to TO to congratulate LJ for getting out of KC. As if LJ didn't do anything wrong but rather the Chiefs were making his life miserable and now he's finally free. Vultures of a feather indeed.

    Well hopefully another parallel will be how LJ does against us. When TO went to the Cowgirls he boasted that fans should get out the popcorn to see the show he'll put on when they played against the Ickles. Well every time he played the Ickles he didn't do squat. Get out the popcorn, what a joke!

    So LJ will probably get even less than 2.7 ypc when he plays us. LJ = Loser/Joker

    We play them the last game of the year though, right? They may have clinched their division by then (assuming LJ doesn't start derailing their train ride in the meantime). So if they possibly have nothing to play for that game, wonder if that means LJ plays more or less than otherwise would.


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