So my parents have been with the same insurance company for atleast 20 year, and infact, my grandpa and grandma have been with them for what seems like for ever. Now I am on my parents account with them for now. But my insurance is rather high for the vehicles I have had. I bought my own car 2 years this November and sense then my moms name has been on it and I have been under her's.

I paid mine, which has actually be her's and it was about $350 for 6 months. Bascilly $700 a year. Recently my mom bought a new truck and my name is now on my car. It is going from $350 every 6 months to....$850 ever 6 months which is about $1700 a year. Its BS. We have never filed a claim or anything. None of us with any accident.
I guess there is good news though. Appearntly after I turn 21, which is before the next payment is do, it is suppose to go down to about $550 for 6 months.

Its still a rip off though, they are going to be lucky if I don't switch insurance companies once I move out here soon.