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I don't think you can say that they have no chance of beating NE. Look how close Philly, Bal and the Giants came. Obviously the Pats, Colts, Packers and Cowgirls are the teams to beat, but in the AFC I think the Jags and Chargers have the best shots at taking down their opponents. I am not expecting a blowout in either game.
You're right. I was expecting the Dolts to rout the Titans and since they struggled today it has diminished the chance I think they have. But diminshed doesn't mean it's now impossible. Besides, any given Sunday a pro team can beat another pro team (yes, our Chiefs could beat the Pats too. Yes they really could! As you said, the Ravens almost did :) ).

I see the early Vegas lines are calling for the four favorites to win fairly comfortably:

GREENBAY 8 Seattle
NEW ENGLAND 11.5 Jacksonville
DALLAS 8.5 New York Giants