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Thread: Still not impressed by Cassel

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    Default Still not impressed by Cassel

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    He made a couple great throws, but he made a bunch of really really bad throws. The guy needs to be more consistent, be more accurate, and throw the damn ball. Today he was sacked 5 times!!! Out of 5 maybe 1 time wasn't his fault the rest of the time it's like "Cassel throw the damn ball!" He did not win that game for us not even close, Jamaal Charles, Chris Chambers, Studebaker, and Hali stood out, Cassel did not he looked like crap the first half, then he came alive in the fourth quarter , but he almost cost us the game with the fumble, if he wouldn't have fumbled the ball we would have not had to go to overtime and we would have ended it in the 4th. The sad thing is I was really for Cassel, I thought we got a future pro-bowler and all we got is a poor mans Damon Huard, a QB with a below average arm but doesn't throw a lot of interceptions but at least Huard was able to get rid of the ball quicker this is getting ridiculous. You gotta take what you got, and some times you gotta throw it away Cassel. All in all I am impressed by our win GO CHIEFS!! but please pick up a qb in the draft that can give Cassel some competition, thanks.
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