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    I'm trying to understand these...I know that they are awarded by others, but I am slightly confused as to how many you get when someone awards them. I have 3 people that have generously complemented me in this way. However after the first 2 I had 62 points (or about 31 each) and the third gave me 38 more?!?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Canada View Post
    Its for reporting posts. Say a guy like KCChris were to come on here and start insulting people You can report his posts to mods with that. If he were still around!!
    I think I'm glad he's not around! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by tornadospotter View Post
    This is also the red button, so to type, not really a red button, that gets the attention of the mod's or Coach to a thread, or a post in a thread. It is an alert sent to Coach and the Mods about spammers, or a post that breaks the rules of the crowd! Wait we have rules? Dang it, I should have read them!
    Facebook needs a 'report a fruit loop poster' button!

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