I decided to do this since it seems to be the consensus that the Chiefs have turned a corner on the season. Hopefully that's the case. If we are in fact on the upswing, hopefully we'll see some improvement in these numbers over the rest of the season. I figured this might help gauge and confirm or deny the improvements that we hope to see over the next few weeks.

After 10 games played.

Total offense: 30th (16.9 ppg)
3rd down efficiency: 32nd
Penalties: 22nd (57)
Turnovers: 9th +3
Passing Offense: 26th 171 yds/g
Passing TDs: 15th 14 TDs
Interceptions: Tied for 3rd best (6 INTs) (QBs tied with or behind of: Farve, Brady, Rivers, Rogers. Nice company)
Sacks: 2nd worst (37)
QB rating: 19th 81.3
Rushing Offense: 25th 96.8 yds/g
Rushing TDs: 32nd (let's count'em...) 1
Fumbles: 4th worst (8)
Offensive Line:
Experience: 9th 344 games
Total rush avg: 30th 3.6 per attempt
Sacks: 2nd worst (37)
QB hits: 7th worst (67)
Left side:
Negative rushes: 11th best (9)
+10 yd carries: 29th best (8)
Power: 19th (63/100)
Pwr = Percentage of rushes on 3rd or 4th down with 2 or fewer yards to go that achieved a first down or TD. Also includes rushes on 1st-and-goal and 2nd-and-goal from the opponent's 2-yard line or closer.
Negative rushes: 2nd worst (12)
+10 yd carries: 14th best (7)
Power: 23rd (56/100)
Right side:
Negative Rushes: 12th worst (10)
+10 yd carries: 9th best (14)
Power: 16th (68/100)

Total Defense: 30th (389.6 yds/g)
Points allowed/g: 6th worst (23.9 ppg)
3rd down %: 14th (32%)
Penalties: 3rd worst (78)

Personnel Standouts:
Glenn Dorsey: 8th best DL, 6th best DE (38 combined tackles)
Demarrio Williams: 30th best LB (66 combined tackles)
Cory Mays: 50th best LB (53 combined tackles)
Brandon Flowers: 14th best DB (14 pass defensed)
Brandon Carr: 33rd best DB (11 pass defensed)