I know I'm not doing this one when I did ywo other autopick drafts. I just would have rather done the live draft with people I actually converse with. Anyway...

Live draft with 24 teams -

QB - V Young, J Harrington
RB - W McGahee, M Turner, N Davenport, N Herron
WR - R Brown, D Bowe, D Williams, E Drummond
TE - A Crumpler, A Smith
K - N Kaeding, S Suisham
DEF - Carolina

Yahoo Autopick Draft #1 with 8 teams -

QB - V Young, M Leinart
RB - F Gore, B Jacobs, J Lewis
WR - A Boldin, R Brown, B Edwards, J Cotchery, D Henderson
TE - T Gonzalez, A Crumpler
K - N Kaeding
DEF - Baltimore, Minnesota

Yahoo Autopick Draft #2 with 12 teams-

QB - M Hasselbeck, JP Losman
RB - J Norwood, M Barber III, F Taylor, L Washington
WR - S Smith, A Boldin, B Marshall, M Jones, D Bowe, D Williams, R Caldwell
TE - T Gonzalez, D Martin
K - N Kaeding, J Scobee
DEF - Baltimore, Arizona