We had a BLAST yesterday at Arrowhead, even though the Chiefs lost...there were by far more positives for me with attending the game beyond winning or losing. Such as tailgating and creating memories with awesome Chiefs friends, witnessing DT's jersey #58 be retired officially, and so on. Most games come & go, but moments like those mentioned above are the truely priceless moments at Arrowhead. :)

I enjoyed seeing & tailgating with YZILLA again, and meeting his adorable sons this time round. They have YZILLA's wonderful & outgoing personality! No doubt are just as diehard Chiefs fans as their dad too! YAY!!

It was awesome meeting Tammietailgator & her hubby! She's as pretty and as sweet as she can be. It's nice to converse with someone who understands seizure disorders in dogs too, such as Tammie does...and of which my Springer Spaniel 'Lily' suffers from. I think Tammie and I have much in common!

Canada...well, hahaha...he's one of those people that from the first minute you meet him, it's as if you've known him all your life. Canada is awesome, and his sense of humor of course is priceless. It was a pleasure to meet him in person and party with him and his Canadian friends. I had so much fun! I wish I could attend the Buffalo game this coming Sunday...to tailgate again, since Canada may not be back till next year...& I already know I'm gonna miss seeing him!

However, Christmas for the grandkids is a priority over gas & another Chiefs game ticket for grandma, haha.

My friend Kelly from Wisconsin had a great time too, and told me that everyone from Chiefs Crowd we tailgated with are awesome people. He'd tailgate every home game too if he could, haha. He's actually been a member of Chiefs Crowd for a couple yrs., but has yet to participate. Maybe someday he'll not be shy about posting, I can hope anyway, hahaha.

I forgot to take my camera inside the stadium, so no game pics. However, I do have these from tailgating below. We all went back to Canada's hotel room after the game, partied some more. Met even more people there who were really cool & fun too. I didn't want to leave as early as I did, but the weather turned bad & I had a 1 1/2 hr drive home. It began snowing heavy 1/2 hr into my drive, and the remaining hour turned into 2!! The visibility was poor & slowed most everyone down.

I was relieved to get home, as driving in heavy snow falling and darkness on two lane country hwys isn't fun at all, haha. I love snow falling as long as I'm inside all snuggled up on the sofa, not in a drivers seat, hahaha.

Chiefs Crowd members are simply the best of the best...and I'm honored to be included...enough said! YEEHAW!

This is Canada and his friends walking to where we were tailgating at, from their hotel across from Arrowhead:

Canada and friends showing their Canadian pride at Arrowhead! hahaha

YZILLA's youngest son and his rival friend having a 'all in good fun' battle over who's team would win the game, haha:

YZILLA's oldest son:

Kelly, Canada and his friends, Tammie & her hubby all tailgating and talking Chiefs football:

Our Chiefs Crowd group photo: