When it was all done...accumulation where I live was 16"!!...which is about an hour & a half NW of Kansas City Metro, in NE Kansas.

I think it's been at least 10 yrs or better, since we've had this much snow! It's very pretty, but creates many problems when one lives in the rural country especially.

I'm trapped here at home for at least another day...6 foot plus drifts have me blocked in, and not sure when they'll get to clear my gravel road, as main roads are priority of course.

I'm on a satellite internet service provider, and my signal is in & out with being able to log on, due to blowing snow piling up on my satellite dish blocking the transmitter or whatever it's called, haha. I've broomed it off a few times, which helps some get me a signal...like now, haha.

IT'S COLD out there too!