Today at arrowhead the Chiefs had many chances to grab the game and take controll of it. However once again the Chiefs shoot thereselfs in the foot allowing the Bills to leave arrowhead with a 16-10 victory.

Turnovers and drops once again stand out for the chiefs as negitives. Cassle threw 4 count them 4 more picks. Not saying that it was all Cassles fault but as long as he is turning the ball over then He needs to be put on the bench. Chambers let the Chiefs down with a huge drop that would have given the Chiefs a first and goal and a good chance to win the game. The Chiefs have to find what has caused the turnover bug to bite them as big as it has the last few weeks. Untill they do that the Chiefs will not win even with the browns comeing to arrowhead next week. The one good thing I will say about the Offense is the O line seemed to show up. Cassle had time to throw a couple of deep balls. One of them it looked to me that Bradley kind of stumbled around the 5. One was just a bad overthrow. Mistakes that the chiefs did coast this team today.

The Defense did stand out as a big bright spot for the Chiefs. They kept the Chiefs in the game and gave the Chiefs offense a final drive to try to win the game at the end. What more can you ask for. They created turnovers and played well. Hali once again had a solid game as he contuies to stand out as a bright spot for the Chiefs in the horrible season.

Coaching was not bad today in my opinon. the only thing that realy stood out to me was the 4th down play call in the 1st quater. But Todd Haley has to start thinking about benching Cassle in favor of Croyle. The tunrovers that Cassle is throwing are killing this team and he needs to look past the contract and give Croyle at least some snaps with the 1st team.

Bring on the Browns and GO CHIEFS!!!!!