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Wow that IS bad!

Maybe I wasnt so wrong with me thinking we could draft a 1st or 2nd round QB and maybe release Matt Gutierrez.
For how much Cassel is making and what we gave up for him, you can't just throw around another high pick, especially this early, no matter how bad he is. If that happened, Haley and possibly Pioli would be out of the job. They'd be admitting they were wrong and they screwed up. Uncapped year or not next year, 60-70 million+ for two players of the same position is ridiculous and not practical.

I'm not ready to give up on Cassel yet, Peyton Manning wouldn't be anything more than average at best on this team. Besides, look at the rest of the chart. Stafford and "Sanchize" are rated lower. If Sanchez was on this team like some people had hoped for, his numbers would be astronomically lower than they already are.