Taking predictions now.

Chiefs Four hundred two to zip.

Ok, here is what I truly think. Chiefs - 35 Browns - 10
I seriously think so, the Browns have almost no talent. The Chiefs have a little bit.

Chiefs talent includes:
Jammal Charles
Brandon Flowers
Dwayne Bowe
Chris Chambers
Tamba Hali
Andy Studebaker
Mike Vrabel

Browns Talent:
Josh Cribbs?

Keys to winning.
  • Establish a good run game, then you can get play action game involved.
  • Keep the defense guessing, I liked those formation shifts last week.
  • Pressure the Qb, whoever is starting for the Browns
  • Score, don't stall.

We can do it, I know it, Cleavland is a terrible team. We are just a young team and we have shown teams like Pittsburgh and Dallas that we can put up a fight.

Any Given Sunday.