W more painful weeks left for us to watch. Both games on the road and could be even more painful to watch then this one at the end. I just can not wait for the LONG season to be over and we can get some upgrades.

What killed us today is
1 speacal teams usely not a thing that kill the Chiefs but they did not do there job today. I no alot are saying dont kick it to him but I will forgive the Chiefs for the first one. You just cant not try to do your job.

2 droped passes. We had a shot to put the Browns away with a halftime lead and the ball first in the first half. Then the drops began and stayed for a long time. On a 3rd down play Cassle threw the ball to a guy passed the first down and he droped it. Cassle did his part today. This loss is NOT on Matt Cassle he can not catch the ball for the freaking recivers.

3. The Entire D. IF you want to say they were a D today. They No showed this game end of story. The D is the Main reason we lost. You dont give 286 yards to a rb and expect to win.

on the postive side the O line was not bad today. There were a few breakdowns but for the mostpart they did there job. The offense had every chance and should have even put up more points then they did. Jamal Charles is proveing he is a starting RB in the NFL. Something the Chiefs can realy build on.

And on the plus side. If we have the same recourd as the browns at the end of the year I belive we will get the Higer pick becuse they won head to head. Its something postive i guess.

BRing on the Bengals and GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!