Despite it being somewhat hard to watch, it was just the first preseason game.

Loss factors:

1. Not playing:

Tony G
Brian Waters
Jimmy Wilkerson
Michael Bennett
Benny Sapp
Lenny Walls
Tamba Hali
Carlos Hall
Damon Huard
Brodie Croyle

3. New:

Head coach, offensive coordinator, several positon coaches

Defensive Scheme

4. Essentially a 4th string QB who hasn't played a snap in the NFL

Along with the regulars, (Shields, Green, LJ, Jared Allen, etc) I thought we got a good performances from Dustin Colquitt, Key Fox, Ron Edwards, James Reed, Kyle Turley, Kevin Sampson, Ronnie Cruz, Pollard and Page.

Notibable solid performances: Shane Burton, Clint Mitchell, Curry, Cris Johnson. Also Scanlon :-D and Boomer had a pretty good performance.

Embarrassing/bad performances: Eric Hicks, Ryan Sims, Jordan Black, Lionel Dalten, Printers (sorry, I know it was his first game, but still....)

What are your thoughts?