No, not really. But they should be. I swear, for most of the game I kept looking for Gunther Cunningham calling the plays.

What the hell happened? I don't know. But those who are criticizing Cassel or the WR's for this weeks loss, you can stop that nonsense this week at least. Cassel's pass percentage wasn't great, but 22/40 for 331 yards, 2 TD's and no INT's is okay for my taste.

Then, once again, Jamaal Charles turned out another outstanding game. 154 yards and that 47 yarder was exactly what I watched when he played at Texas. If we have few bright spots from this season, he's it. I just wish we had dumped LJ sooner. Maybe we could have won a couple more games with Charles as our RB.

Back to that horrid defense. How in the hell do we let a team like CLE run up over 300 yards? That is just unreal! Feels like we are right back to where we were last season. They showed some improvement but have self destructed recently. Should be interesting to see what happens in the off season.

Special teams was an absolute epic failure. One return, I can see. But two? NO WAY! If those retards had done their job, then even the glaringly weak defense would have done enough to help win the game.

I was hoping for another couple of wins, but I don't see it happening. Playing the Bengals in CIN is a no brainer and the Broncos in DEN is a pride game for them to cap the season. I guess I'll look forward to the draft and gauge how Haley and Pioli do there.

At least I have Texas to root for in a couple weeks. Hook Em Horns! \w/