Ok so there are many threds talking about fireing Todd Haley or makeing him just the OC and getting a new Head coach. Well I am going to make a case for him.

1st The Chiefs are NOT a team that have clearly gone backwards from a season ago. They have one more win. They have problems this season but its not like theses problems are anything new. They are just things that have not been fixed yet. Haley deserves time to fix these problems. This is not his mess he should get time to fix it. The D was bad a year ago with Gunther as DC. Thats not anything new. The O LINE was bad a year ago with Chan as OC thats nothing new. Haley should get more then 1 year to fix theses problems.

2nd Jamal Charles. Alot of fans are upset becuse Charles did not start the season as the starting RB of the Chiefs. There is a reason that it happend that way. FUMBLES. Thats why Charles was not the starter at the beging of the season. Haley could only go off what he saw in the preseason. Charles Had the fumble bug in the preseaon. You cant start a guy at RB if you dont know that he can hold on the the ball. Thats just how football works. I completly agree with that desicon.

3rd This team would defenty go backwards if Haley was fired and ONCE again we started all over. When the New coach got in we would have alot of the same problems. The young players that would stay on this football team would have to go through there 3rd system in 3 years. Thats never going to help a football team. It would only slow down the devolpment of this young team. Does anyone realy want to start all over yet again before Haley gets a real Chance with players that he choses to bring in. Starting over would do this team NO GOOD at this point.

There are some problems that this team has that are new. But as much as this season has been frustrating to watch there are some signs of life in some areas of this team. The O line has been better then what they were at the start of the season. Are they good no but they have improved over the season. The pass rush on this team is better then it was a year ago. They are not going to set a all time low for sacks like they did a season ago. Hali has defently been made a better player. There are signs of improvement on this team. Give it time and it may still work out. I dont think anyone would care who the Chiefs coach is as long as they are winning. But Starting over AGAIN next season IMO would be the wrong thing to do.

GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!!