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    Default LJ vs. Kansas City

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    Im kind of surprised nobody brought this up yet.

    Or maybe i just missed it.

    But Coach Lewis knows how bad LJ wants it. LJ admitted that this game was on his eye the second he got to Cincy.

    I cant honestly say i know the AFC seeds perfectly. (Other than its likely Colts at 1 and Chargers at 2). But if the Bengals are fightn for a 3 seed over a four they will very much need this win.

    And im sure LJ (and the Bengals) are lickng their chops seeing how Jerome Harrison was setting NFL records against us Arrowhead!

    I have a feelin this is going to be a steady dose of Benson/LJ.

    I was someone who really kept faith in LJ. And i appreciate his 2 1700+ yard seasons.

    But.. If we cant win this game... I hope i can at least say that i got to see LJ get roughed up.
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