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Thread: Bloody Steven Jackson

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    Default Bloody Steven Jackson

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    We need a Safety on this team like this. A guy with emotion and aggression.

    Someone who has that "attitude" problem. Someone who can spark his fellow teammates.

    Someone who wants to win.

    [ame=""]YouTube- Bernard Pollard of the Houston Texans and Steven Jackson of the St. Louis Rams Fighting (gotta see)[/ame]

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    ummmm mike brown is garbage..... thanks.... i watched that game just to see how he was doing and saw that unfold, the announcers even said that, that was one of the reasons why we let him go..... all he has to do is mature a little bit and keep that aggression controlled. i miss him personally... mike brown is a scrub that couldnt cover anyone this year and whiffed on a lot of tackles, but oh well BP is gone

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