From listening to the game from work, yeah I got ripped off, D Bowe had alot of drops. Every time I went by the radio, I heard Mitch saying Bowe dropping the ball.

I am getting sick of the drops, just as everyone else. Why don't we put our selves out of misery?

I propose we trade Bowe. He is obviously no value to this team, maybe other than the fact that he helps take the double team....

Either way, if we can get a third or forth round draft pick and pick up someone who actually wants to come out and play some football.

Imagine the field goals we could of had all this year. Imaigine the wins. Not saying he is the cause of all the problems, but it might be a start. I love D Bowe, but he doesn't look like he is playing with his heart.

Who knows though...maybe its just the coaching staff.