I know I said my ranting was over for the day but I had to get this off my chest... This is totally ridiculous.


I put 4k in arrowcash on the Chiefs. Somebody else put 150...

Is it that bad? Have the coaching staff screwed everything up so badly in the offseason that a team that has set RECORDS for lack of protection and production on the o-line is going to suddenly see the light and blow us up for 20-plus points?

The Texan's offense has been terrible at best for years while the Chiefs defense has improved. It's true that we are not as strong on the offensive side of the ball as years past but I have seen nothing to say that the Texans have suddenly found themselves, either.

Improved defense versus incompetent offense equals a low-scoring affair.

38 points??? Get outta here with that! The Texans will be lucky to find the end zone once in this game and I think it's safe to say that the Chiefs won't be lighting up any score boards with AFL-type numbers this year. The ONLY way this happens is if LJ goes crazy for about 200 yards and a couple TD's or if Damon suddenly starts to light it up.

Just because sports media has lumped the Chiefs into the category of crappy teams like the Lions and Cardinals of recent years, doesn't mean that it's true. The first snap of the regular season hasn't even been taken, yet somehow people know what team records will be at the end of the season and who will make the playoffs. They already know who the conference and superbowl champs will be.

This is all speculation from so-called experts and self-proclaimed analysts. I don't know of anybody who has been granted the divine gift of foresight. So why take somebody's misinformed, ignorant opinion as fact before the event in question has even occured? Sure it's possible to make an educated guess but to automatically write the Chiefs off as a loss due to roster changes and coaching decisions without taking into consideration the poor production of the Houston Texans over the last several years, is just stupid.