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Last year, not one division winner had a winning record in the preseason.

New England Patriots2-2
Baltimore Ravens2-2
Indianapolis Colts1-3
San Diego Chargers2-2
Philadelphia Eagles2-3
Chicago Bears2-2
New Orleans Saints1-3
Seattle Seahawks2-2

If you go back and look at the division winners over the last three years, it's clear that winning in preseason isn't very significant. There have been 24 division winners in three years and the number of those teams that had a winning record in the preseason: 4.

Lets take it a step further and look at the significance of an undefeated preseason. Carolina, Cincinnati and the New York Giants all posted 4-0 preseason records last summer, leading to heightened expectations from fans and media alike. Lots of people proclaimed the Panthers were headed to the Super Bowl, the Bengals could outscore any team in the NFL and the Giants were building a dynasty. All three teams finished 8-8.

Since 2003, nine teams wrapped up the August schedule 4-0 and only four of them produced winning record in the fall.

The Colts have won four straight AFC South titles and, of course, are the reigning world champions. Their preseason record during that four-year run is 5-12. In other words, nobody should be alarmed that they are 0-2 right now. The Eagles have won the NFC East three of the last four years; during those championship seasons, they managed to deliver a combined 4-9 summer record. The Panthers have gone undefeated in the preseason in three of the last four years. A perfect 12-0 and only once in those three years (2003) did it translate into a division title. The only year they didn't go undefeated in the dress rehearsal season was 2005 when they finished at 2-2. And they made the playoffs that year as a wild card.

Did the Saints' 1-3 record last summer leave anyone thinking they would be the story of the year in the NFL?