At the beginning of the season and last season our O line was all the talk, but you cannot deny our O-line is much better now. Especially now that we have a good running game and Cassel has been getting rid of the ball better our line has looked much better. Right now our defense is bad, we are ranked 31 on our rush defense that's the second worst. We are also 31 in sacks only 22 and 8.5 are from Hali, we need some help. Right now we could use some help on the O-line but our D-line is much worse. We need a pass rusher, we need some guys who can stuff the run, and some help in the secondary. I think our first pick should be some who can pass rush, we need that more then a beast OL. I know many of you will be telling me Im an idiot, but that's what we need.