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Thread: Tony G.

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    Default Tony G.

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    Has anyone heard if Tony intends on playing next year? He didn't seem to have a Tony type season. I wonder if its his age or simply the new system.

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    As I have said before, I have no ill will for TG, but he asked to leave. My greatest hope is that KC wins a playoff game before Atlanta. If you think this is ill will its not I hope he is does well in Atlanta, and I hope he keeps his health. I hope he and Atlanta can win a playoff game and even a superbowl. AS LONG as it happens after KC wins one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SalinaChiefsFan View Post
    Bless you Connie said here what I have been telling my crew at work since he left for Atlanta. Unlike many players claiming to want a SB ring, Tony only left the chiefs for that purpose. Good for him. On paper in the presaeson ATL was a legit contender, but then they.... uh....uh...Failed.

    Now that the epic pain in the *** that was Carl is gone I am very confident that TG will retire and go into the HOF as a Chief.
    Thanks...I just post opinions as I believe. There's no doubt TG will retire as a Chief, that's a gimmie IMO. I honestly believe in his own heart he's still a Chief, how could he not be?

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