I traditionally host a Super Bowl Party downstairs, which I honorably call "The Chiefs Level".

This year my son & his wife will be co-hosting with me. Works out great...split the grocery cost 50/50...mom does all the cooking & cleaning to prepare, and the clean up, hahaha. That's what mom's are for though...right?

Traditional annual menu, all homemade made from scratch by hand in mom's (Connie Jo's) kitchen, haha:

Chili...two full 16qt pots!
Enchilada's...4 large pan's of them!
Cinnamon Rolls...4 large pan's of those too!
Sourdough Bread...8 loaves!
Cookie assortment...10 dozen!
Peanut Clusters...I don't count, but it's a lot!

Each guest brings a side dish to complete the menu, thankfully, cause by the time I get done cooking & baking all the above...