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What options? Who were the big aquisitions to be had? His job was General Manager. NOt head of player personnel.
Actually, his job title was officially, Vice President, Player Personnel.

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I believe that Bill Belichek is technically both Head Coach and GM, but I might be wrong about that. Anyway, I was referring to his official title, and that title was VP of Player Personel and NOT General Manager.

Now, as for the rest of your post, I am happy that he made the changes he made, I am still not thrilled with the Haley hiring, nor am I happy that he did not address the offensive line in the offseason nor did he do it in the draft, I am also not thrilled about the Cassel hire, nor the subsequent huge contract he was given.

I know he was not out there looking for the specific needs of the Chiefs, but I am sure that in your job as EMT, you are not just sitting around waiting until you need particular piece of equipment before you evaluate it. I view it the same way with personnel, there are a finite number of players out there, and I would expect if I were in charge of Player Personnel for a NFL team, I would be evaluating every one of them.

So I voted neutral. I hope I can vote thrilled next season!