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I can't speak for others, but don't think I'm being unrealistic for playoff hopes in 2010. I base my hopes on the overall picture, all factors considered, not just the hiring of new coaches...though this poll was related to such. No one is perfect at any job, including Pioli as a GM in the NFL...but, I am thrilled overall with the job he's done so far as the Chiefs GM.

I don't believe I'm wearing rose colored glasses when I see more positive than negative with our Chiefs being on the road to the playoffs in 2010.

No doubt I could be let down, nothing is guaranteed, been there done that many times...BUT, it feels very good to have such hopes during the off season & be truly looking forward to a new season. I do believe it is more possible than not, that we could make the playoffs in 2010...based upon the overall positive factor's to date, & with speculating as a result that more positive factor's are to come.

We have many of the Bronco & Raider fans worried now...they must see some positive factor's too.

GO CHIEFS 2010!!
So much depends on the offseason aquisitions, both in the draft and in free agency. Free agency this year is a mess too, especially if the CBA remains a question mark.

If the Chiefs do now address those key areas where we need help, primarily, offensive line, linebacker and receivers, we are going to have another mediocre year.

I do have hope that Hunt, Pioli, and Haley intend on putting together a winner. They certainly went out to get the coaching staff to make it happen!