I have heard many people in here say that they want us to pick Suh, if he was available. Some even want us to trade to an earlier pick to get him. I dont think he will be a good fit for the team because he fills a position that is already filled. Bear with me, it is a long post because I want to explain my thoughts in detail.

Yes, I know our defensive line is no where near the best in the league. However, just putting any good player is not going to improve the DL.

First, we need to look at what skill set Suh brings to us. He is a great defensive tackle in the 4-3 that he has played in. He is a little on the small side and has spent some time playing as a DE in special packages in a 4-3. His role in that defense was to get past the person(s) blocking him and get to the QB or the RB. He has good agility, some bull rush ability and good handwork to get off of blocks.

Next lets look at our defense and where we need help. We run a 3-4. The role of all 3 linemen in a 3-4 are to push the linemen back. They are run stuffers, and they are supposed to collapse the pocket. The players who play DE in this defense are not expected to get sacks (but sacks are always welcome). Their primary duty is to occupy space to clog running lanes, and/or to stop the run. The NTs job is very similar. DEs in a 3-4 are very similar in size to the DTs in a 4-3, and a NT in a 3-4 is supposed to be very large. The skill set desired in a 3-4 linemen is strength to push the opponents back. Agility and shedding blockers is not a skill that they are supposed to focus on.

On our DL we have Dorsey and TJ starting at the DE positions. Edwards is our NT. Right now the biggest need is at NT. Edwards is not a true NT. He is a converted DT. He is undersized and not strong enough to handle the double teams a NT should handle. Dorsey has done better than expected at DE. When he was gone, we got destroyed in the running game. TJ has not done great, but he is also a rookie, and there is a huge learning curve (2 seasons usually) for defensive linemen in the NFL. We do not need 3-4 DEs, we need a NT.

If we drafted Suh, what position would he play? NT? He is too small and doesnt have the brute strength to play there. 3-4 DE? He could probably play this position, but we already have one good DE (Dorsey) and someone we expect to become a good DE (T. Jackson). So by drafting Suh, we are basically drafting someone to replace two people we have a lot of money tied up in that are not playing horribly.

We have much bigger needs that we would be better off filling with that 1st pick.

Now, this is obviously just my opinion, but I could not help but share it given everyone's obsession with wanting Suh. Now I am not saying that he wont be a good player, or that he is not worth picking in the top 5. He is just not a good fit for our current team.