Yep, the threat of another girl is here. Last semester I liked this girl and she just didn't wanna be there, so she didn't pay attention to anyone.

This semester I met a great girl. I think we might be made for each other. I don't know but things are looking good.

First we were kinda forced into the same group for our project, fine with me cause I was hoping I could work with her. We had to chose a group to be in and by the time the list came around there was only one left.

Its a shame we only have the class once week. I added her to facebook, which I really don't use but...the next time we had class, she turned around and asked if it was me who added her. I told yea, and she said she didn't recognize the picture and gave a little laugh. Now I am not good looking by any means.

So yesterday she comes and sits down and ask me if she sat somewhere different. I replayed, well you normally sit one up but its not going to make a difference. The difference was she sitting one seat in front of me vs. sitting next to me. Then she told me how when she was talking to me the other day, she lost her voice. Completely irrelevant.

These have to be signs! Its only a matter of time. Though it cant be too long, Valentines day is just a few days away.