NOT ! Seriosuly we looked very good on defense despite the one long pass we got a good amount of pressure despite not ahving J. Allen. I think that we will turn around from this disgracing lsos and become a better team. We have to because we are going to Chicago next week. I am disappointed with Huards paly I know that there was alot of dropped passes but i figuredt hat he would bea bit more composed not taking the sacks he did. I honestly think that this year is going to be a horrible year for us in KC :( We are alwasy contenders for a 500 hundred record becasue we play so tough at home but I really dont see us doing much because of the toughness of our division I will always see red and bea true chiefs fan but i am going t hate Edwards as head coach I liek hsi defense but he should pay attention to the old statement if it's not broke dont fix it and be more aggresive on offense he started off well then Medlock missed yet another kick. Is morten anderson still around ? LOL Well gotta love them but dont have to liek them right now !