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This superbowl was outstanding!

rookie ur going to have to develop an appreciation for the regelur season and each teams personal story and what it takes to get there to fully appreciate it.

But this Superbowl IMO was in my top 5.

Because there was a total to 63 complete passes. What a show! That has nver happened in a Superbowl.

Got to see some guts, how bout that onside kick?! It was soooo gutsy even the colts knew that they werent crazy enuf to do it. therefore unprepared for it.

I thought Addai and Bush were extremely fun to watch. Especially Addai, talk about some serious moves.

And the officiating was awesome. They let both teams play. I wish this crew would officiate the rest of the superbowls. you hardly knew the refs were there. I mean, how many penalties were in the game?

And most of all. The good guys won.
Yep! and REP!