Seriously...enough Winter! We've had an usually long one already with record snowfalls, gloomy cloudy days. Unless I'm mistaken, which I don't believe I am...the sun shined twice the entire month of January, and that wasn't even all day. February so far has been about the same!

We've also not had the typical random thaw days as often as normal...staying cold more than not.

My poor truck can't stay clean for a day! It takes $15 in quarters to wash it thoroughly, to remove all the harmful salt from the underside framework, fenders, etc.. My wheels are gross, need a good polish, but it's too cold, the polish will garage isn't heated.

Speaking of garage needs a good cleaning too, as all the mucky muddish snow caked on my truck...melted onto the floor after pulling it inside each time. It's too fricken cold to hose out the garage & clean it up.

I'm sick of WINTER I tell ya! Sick of it! I sure hope we don't have a cold, wet, nasty Spring...but have a bad feeling we will. It's likely gonna be June before I feel 80' and see sunshine again for an entire day!

Okay...I'm done, cause: