The sun finally shined all day! Temps warmed up to just a jacket needed! That's a very good day thing!

Washed my truck...$17 in quarters, but I did get the damaging salty mud/dirt off, including underneath! That's a good day thing!

Car Wash spot free rinse didn't work...UGH! My truck has hard water residue now from the standard rinse. A little bit of a bad day thing...but better the salt/mud/dirt off, a good day wins!

Had a dentist appt. after washing my truck. I rarely have a cavity, so none...this is a good day thing. BUT...a back tooth is cracked, he said it needs pulled. Last 3 yrs. of life transition zapped my potassium & calcium dumb self wasn't able to eat right...4 teeth cracked now in the last year as a result.

Dentist gave options of implants or a bridge...neither CHEAP!! This is a bad day thing! Dentist said he doesn't think any more will crack...teeth are healthy & strong again overall, this is a good day thing!

Stopped at Walmart to do a bit of grocery shopping. Managed to get three 40 lbs bags of water softner pellets in the cart, then loaded into my truck...not an easy task with a bit of Carpal Tunnel...I did it! This is a good day!

On the drive home a car in front of me ran over a black cat that darted out...kitty didn't make it, I cried. This is not a good day thing. :(

The cat didn't run in front of me first, and I wasn't the one who hit it...that's a good day thing, that would've been worse. Also good I won't have bad luck, if superstition is true, related to bad luck if a black cat runs in front of ya...that's a good day thing! Poor kitty though. :(

Once home...managed to get the bags of salt pellets downstairs and loaded into the water softner without dropping a bag on my foot...this is a good day thing!

Dakota greeted me as always with smiles and attempts to jump up and hug me, hahaha. This is always a good day thing!

Sunny hasn't felt good lately, his 11 yrs are showing with arthritis, weight gain cause he's not as active. When I returned he was better, also happy to see me! He ate, which he hadn't done in 2 days...this is a good day thing!

Opened a package that arrived in the I bought on Ebay. I was concerned cause although never worn, they were vintage, which vintage sizes can run small. Awesome boots!! REAL brown & white cow hair! Fit perfect! This is a good day thing!

My young friend Dillon let me know he arrived safely at St. Jude today for his 3 month MRI & check up...praying it will show no tumor growth...that will be a BLESSING of 90 good days!!

Now I'm bored, cause there's no Chiefs games, not much to talk Chiefs decided to share bad and good day things to entertain myself, hahaha! This could be considered a bad day thing, but I think not...coming to Chiefs Crowd is always a good day thing!! In conclusion was a good day!