I've never followed the Draft, nor NCAA football...but, I decided as a Chiefs fan of 40+ yrs., I was long overdue and needed to educate myself on the Draft. This became more apparent as a member of Chiefs Crowd...since I was unable to participate intelligently in the overwhelming number of Draft discussions that began following Super Bowl.

I read & studied, read & studied...so much so I overwhelmed and confused myself, lol. Then I thought, well...possibly it wasn't me confusing myself after all, rather the Draft and individual opinons, polls, etc....simply can be confusing.

Exhausted in my efforts to educate myself I have come to the following conclusion: "In Pioli I Trust"!!!

It makes no difference to me who the Chiefs draft, I really don't care, and even if I did, it's not gonna matter to Pioli one bit, lol. I'm simply gonna trust Pioli and our coaching staff to make the best choices possible for their plan to reach our mutual goal:

KC Chiefs Super Bowl Champions!!!!
~The Lombardi~...coming soon to 1 Arrowhead Drive! Home of the Chiefs!!!!