N.Suh, R.Okung, G.McCoy and best QB are all off the board....

It is looking more and more likely we will have a very similar situation in the 2010 draft as last year taking Tyson Jackson (a 10-16 overall projection) over one of the top defensive playmakers in the draft (Aaron Curry, a top 3 overall projection)

Dan Williams. - 6ft2, 325 pound 3-4 Nose Tackle. Best NT prospect in the draft, without a question (same thing as T.Jackson for best 3-4 DE in the 2009 draft)....he is being projected anywhere from 10-20 in most mocks right now.

Eric Berry - the big name, sexy pick. Flashy, Freak like combine numbers, size, speed, great interviews. He has it all. He has the hype too. He is being compared to Ed Reed. He is being projected anywhere from 2-8 in most mocks.

Who would you pick between the two? And who would Pioli pick between the two lol ?

I would not be the least bit surprised (or dissapointed for that matter) to see Pioli reach again for a hard to find, young, talented NT. We are already seeing teams re-signing theirs (Wilfork, C.Hampton with PIT, A.Franklin of SF, etc.) so it is obvious that position is very coveted and hard to come by. Pioli has proved in the past he doesn't care about hype, and he also values position over ability.

I would personally go Berry though (and try to get Cam Thomas with the next pick at 36 overall or whatever to ensure you get a NT). You will still be reaching for Thomas a bit, but you are already reaching for Williams so what's the difference?

My point for Berry---> He would dominate the AFC West QB's (Russel, Orton, and Rivers who is the only thing on SD thats window is not closing), along with really improving our passing defense, turnovers, and run support too. Cam Thomas may not be the BEST Nose prospect in the draft, but he is certainly one of the top 3. I just look at what Sharper did for the saints, and Polamalu for the Steelers, Reed for the Ravens, and they all create huge turnovers. Game changing plays. We need more of those!

If they go NT at 5, it will mean we have to try and strike lightning with a Safety, which is what scares me the most.