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I don't see the Chiefs trading for Quinn and I don't see the chiefs trading away Cassell to draft Clausen.

Cassell was Pioli's first move as GM. He is not going to trade it away one year later and admit it was a mistake, when NO one can honestly say, it was a horrible move.

I don't understand where all the QB trade/draft rumors are coming from. When Pioli signed Cassel to a 60 million dollar contract in his first year as GM, i figured that would put to rest all the QB talk? Its the pieces around the QB that need work.

aside from the QB, Charles, Albert, maybe Waters and Bowe are really the only things on offense worth keeping. Which means Cassel isn't getting a lot of help. Quinn sucks too! why would anyone want him as their QB? Much less trade for him lol...

I do think your right about Pioli taking a flyer on a late round QB, like he always does. He seems to do a good job of landing LBs and QB's late in the draft, and i expect him to try and do so this year as well. Cassel, Croyle, Guit, and a late draft pick to battle out for no.3 or no.4 QB....

I heard Marshall Faulk on NFL network say Pioli is trying to win now, and last season was just a practice run. So he is done drafting core lineman types early, and now is looking to add playmakers. But what does Marshall Faulk know anyways lol...i hope he is right though!