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Thread: I used to like Vermeil

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    Default I used to like Vermeil

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    Until this... yuck:

    "While popular opinion might suggest that Johnson was brought to town to back up Clinton Portis, one of Johnson's former coaches has a bold prediction. "He will take over the running back position," said Dick Vermeil, who coached Johnson in Kansas City from 2003 to '05. "That's what I think. He'll push that guy right out of a job." Reported by the Washington Post

    The Redskins signed Johnson last week to a three-year contract. Portis, who missed the final eight games last season after suffering a season-ending concussion, returns for his ninth NFL season. He's been the Redskins' starter since joining the team in 2004. Though he's two years older than Portis, Johnson has 755 fewer carries. While the two might begin training camp sharing the workload, Vermeil expects Johnson to open eyes at practice. He says Johnson helped push Priest Holmes, the Chiefs' incumbent running back in Kansas City seven years ago, and Vermeil says he'll push Portis now -- until he surpasses him."

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    Quote Originally Posted by chief31 View Post
    Don't get used to this guys. This behaviour is a total anomaly.

    Next time you see me, Canada, and DH all in the same discussion, there may well be bloodshed.

    Or at least some ill-used smilies.
    OH boy I love bloodshed Cant wait

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